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Groundwork Clinics

Want to improve the relationship you have with your horse on the ground?

Is he young or inexperienced? Do you lack confidence handling your horse away from home?

If you want to take him to a new venue, but don’t want the pressure of a competition, why not consider a groundwork clinic…

Working on strengthening your relationship, these clinics will focus on helping the human understand more about equine behaviour, and helping the horse learn to respect human space and tackle new obstacles in a safe environment.

Why not get together with a friend and share a groundwork session?! Or have a private session, tailored to the needs of you and your horse.

Sessions are approx 1 hour long. Prices are £25 for a shared session, and £35 for a private session. Payment required in advance to secure the booking.

Spaces are available on the following dates at Little Merbein Farm in Summercourt, TR8 5DZ : Wednesday 19th April and Thursday 20th April. Special thanks to Mr and Mrs Williams for allowing their lovely venue to be used.

Other dates and venues are available on request.

PLEASE NOTE: If your horse has a specific phobia or behavioural issue, a clinic session will not be the most effective way of dealing with the issue. For specific behaviour issues or phobias, please contact Leanne to arrange alternative assistance.

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