Protect your horses' legs - Let them BREATHE!! #HUSK

We all know that horses' legs can get injured from 'trauma' when being exercised (such as hitting a jump, or brushing one leg against the other) but have you ever considered that horses' legs are also being damaged by overheating as a result of wearing unbreathable boots?

During exercise, the tendons and ligaments produce heat as a bi-product of energy. The heat produced causes the legs to get hot internally, and if the horse is wearing boots that aren’t TOTALLY breathable, the legs will sweat underneath the boots as the heat tries (and fails) to get away from the skin, causing damage to the internal structures in the limb over time. (If there is sweat inside horse boots when you remove them, the boots are NOT breathable.)

Airflow is vital to keeping legs cool and preventing unnecessary damage to the limbs, and all HUSK boots allow air to get to the horses' skin and prevent the limbs from overheating and damaging the tendons/ligaments as a result. HUSK boots are extremely breathable, allowing air to get between the layers inside the boot and also directly to the horses skin!

Being breathable isn’t the only benefit of HUSK boots! The structure of the boots consists of a triple layered mesh to absorb shock and provide impact protection. The boots come in a variety of styles and are designed to fit the contours of the horses’ limbs without restricting movement. After being soaked in water, the boots will dry in 30mins thanks to the perforated material allowing water to pass through, making the boots easy to keep clean and hygienic! Available in a variety of styles, there is a HUSK boot for all occasions and sports!

There are LOTS of products on the market that CLAIM to be breathable...but I'm yet to see proof from HUSKs competitors. If you want to see a video of HUSK boots being put to the test to demonstrate airflow, take a look at my facebook page where there is a video of HUSK boots and competitor boots being tested! Both boots LOOK very similar, but the airflow findings are VERY different! I know which boots I want to protect the legs of my pony…the boots that ALLOW airflow to keep her limbs cool!!

To view the full range of ventilated boots available, take a look at HUSK website!

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