Horse Owners: Enough with the 'fluff'....?!

Horsey humans seem to have this obsession with wrapping their horses' legs in ‘fluffy stuff’?! Whether its fleece materials, sheepskin (real or faux) or some expensive types of wool, there seems to be an abundance of equine wear available with various types of ‘fluff’ on it.

Humans may like the feel of ‘fluff’ on their skin, keeping them warm and cosy in cold weather for example, but when applying these principles to an exercising horse, you may want to think again about your desire for ‘fluff’?!

You may think that having ‘fluff’ lined boots on your horses’ legs is nice for the horse and keep his legs snug and protected, but have you considered how much heat is generated by horses’ limbs when being exercised? The ‘fluff’ will trap the heat and make the legs sweat, causing not only discomfort and irritation, but the heat can also lead to tendon and ligament damage? Research carried out by the University of Bristol has shown that when horse tendons reach 45 degrees for a period of 10mins, 10% of the tendon cells will die, but when tendons reach 48 degrees for the same amount of time, 80% of tendon cells will die. It’s really important that we find ways to minimise the heat that the tendons reach to prevent injury, and when boots are worn by horses during exercise, the temperatures the tendons can often be higher than 48 degrees.

When you think of it in terms of human athletes, how many marathon runners have you heard of wearing ‘fluffy’ socks or ‘fluffy’ leggings?! None. That’s because human athletes know that when they are exercising, they need to keep their clothing as cool as possible, and wearing dense fibres such as various types of ‘fluff’ is NOT a good idea for good limb health! 'Fluff' would cause excessive heat, that would induce sweating, chaffing of the skin and ultimately limb damage. Talking of sweating, ‘fluff’ boots will absorb moisture, making the boots heavier and the horse will have to work harder to continue to perform when the boots are wet, wasting energy and at a higher risk of pulling tendons and ligaments.

This is where HUSK products are revolutionising the way horse owners can protect their horses limbs! Not only do all HUSK boots allow complete limb ventilation, allowing airflow to thermoregulate the legs and get air to the entire limb to keep it COOL, but they also provide incredible limb protection and absorb shock.

HUSK boots absorb impacts but do NOT absorb water, meaning they can be used for all types of equine sports that also include going through water. One of the other brilliant advantages of HUSK boots is that they are super easy to clean and amazingly quick to dry, allowing the boots to be cleaned daily to keep them hygienically clean and free from bacteria and fungus!

Can you say the same about your ‘fluffy’ boots?!

So horsey humans, please consider replacing ‘fluffy’ boots with HUSK limb protection. Your HORSE will find them more comfortable during exercise, as their legs will be able to BREATHE and not overheat but still be protected from impacts and ! #TeamHUSK Take a look at the website to order from a selection of boots and other products!

I am proud to be a HUSK Rep so if you are in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset or Dorset and want to SEE and FEEL these amazing boots before you decide to buy, get in touch and I can visit you and let the boots do the talking! #SeeingIsBelieving #YouWontBeDisappointed

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