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Meeting Merlin for the first time...

Yesterday, I met the handsome Merlin for the first time. He had an incident a few years ago, and his lovely owner has been experiencing problems with him ever since.

Following the incident, Merlin wouldnt allow a headcollar to go near him. Even the sight and sound of a headcollar in the field would cause him to bolt in the opposite direction, even if the headcollar was destined to be put on another horse.

Although he could still be approached and touched by his owner (as long as there was no headcollar in sight), it was always on 'his terms', and when he decided he'd had enough human attention, he would demonstrate this by turning his hindquarters towards his owner, lift a hind leg and threaten to kick.

He was also becoming well known for chasing people out of his field, including the farmer, who would only enter the field if Merlin was securely behind a fence, or in a different field entirely.

Understandably, Merlins’ owner had become wary of his unpredictable behaviour, and recently asked for my assistance.

Yesterday, we had our first session, and what a transformation…!!

Not only did I successfully put a headcollar on him, the first headcollar hes worn for two years, but he remained calm throughout. His owner was delighted that we made such progress in a short space of time!

Although we have a long way to go in regaining his trust, we have already taken a huge step in the right direction….

If you are in Cornwall or Devon, and need hands on help with your horse on the ground, get in touch with me to see if I can help you!

However if you are outside my area, there are other Intelligent Horsemanship Recommended Trainers located across the country – find your nearest trainer here:

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