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Remedial Training

If you are working on a groundwork problem, I can work with you and your horse on problems including (but not limited to):


  • Ground handling/leading,

  • Confidence building (horse and human)

  • Barging through narrow spaces,

  • Hard to tack up,

  • Fear of dogs,

  • Clipping,

  • Longlining,

  • Leg handling/preparing for farrier,

  • Preparing for the Vet,

  • Headshy,

  • Spooking,

  • Catching the 'uncatchable' horse/pony,

  • Untouched horse/pony/foal handling,

Each session will be tailored towards the individual needs of

the horse, and the goals of the owner.

Where possible, photographs are taken during session and

sent to the client for them to use as they wish. 

Handling/Obstacle Training

If you want to strengthen the relationship with your horse, improve your handling skills, and have some fun together learning how to tackle a variety of obstacles then you can book a session to suit the needs of you and your horse.

  • Groundwork handling/leading

  • Confidence building

  • Spook proofing!

  • Safe handling techniques

  • Introduction to Agility obstacles

Where possible, photographs are taken during these sessions and forwarded to the client for them to use as they wish.

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