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I have the highest regard for this lovely lady. I counted myself lucky in the beginning to find an IH trainer accessible to me in the south west of Cornwall but I was unaware at the start of how Leanne was going to become such an integral part of the transformation I have experienced in my relationship with my horse.


Over the years of working with her she has taught me so much, about my horse, about me. Leanne has always been willing to be my point of contact, my ‘ask a friend’, and I can’t imagine not having her there when I need advice or support.


No matter what your concerns or niggles are with your horse, I cannot think of anyone better qualified or able to help you resolve them in her quiet, calm, expert way.


I wish I could bottle her (sounds creepy, isn’t meant to be!) FANTASTIC is what she is and we’re damned lucky to have her here in Cornwall!!

Damelza and Mouse

I highly recommend Leanne....she has been amazing helping with two of my horses over the last two 

years. She is an excellent trainer....calm, knowledgeable and very good at explaining things.


She is always punctual, generous with her time and very easy to talk to. She has done wonders for my

horses and I, and always gives written feedback on our training sessions and how to continue with

practice between well as sending great photos of our session activities.


She is always willing to give advice between appointments if necessary. I would not have achieved the

relationship with my horse today without her help. Worth every penny.

Sue and Barra


I will forever recommend Leanne to anyone. I cried with pride for the change in my pony in such a short time, teaching me such simple groundwork techniques has made a massive difference to our journey.


Barney was getting difficult to lead and had knocked my confidence even though he's rising 3, he is a strong boy and knew how to walk all over me, and I would let him. Today I got my confidence back and that is all thanks to Leanne. Looking forward to future lessons. Thank you

Vickey and Barney


I have known of Leanne for many years and one thing I have always admired is her natural ability to get the best

out of a horse in a really quiet & kind way. I have always liked to buy my horses as weanlings and then spend

those years before the ridden work, getting to know them, building a bond and slowly introducing them to the

grown up world.


My young horse, Hamish, is a sensitive soul and I have always felt that he needs a lot more time on the ground,

building his confidence. He is a worrier and the type of horse that could go very wrong. I had a chat with Leanne

and she told me what she had been training towards and how she felt she could help Hamish and I.


It is very easy to put people in to boxes. "Oh she's one of those natural horsemanship people" but actually she isn't. She is one of those common sense, good horsemanship people. Just the type of person I need working on a complex character like Hamish.


I am so impressed with how quickly Hamish is growing in confidence and it comes down to Leanne and her amazing tool box of knowledge. I can't recommend Leanne enough.

Cathy and Hamish

Dear Leanne,


Since your visit to us a month ago, Nemo’s loading has turned a corner. I cannot believe this is the same

horse that stood on the ramp of the lorry on Christmas Eve for SIX hours refusing to load to come home!!

You came to, not only Nemo’s rescue, but also mine, I was finding loading him very stressful and getting

emotional about the whole thing, worried that he would get hurt or that he’s never go in the lorry ever again.


I was fascinated by the way you worked with Nemo, seeing how quiet, calm and patient you were with him

at all times, there was no pushing or pulling, it was all by suggestion, guidance and gentle persuasion, all the

while building up his confidence and trust. After a little while, my problem loader, who had been flatly refusing

to even stand on the ramp, suddenly decided that loading was a good idea. I couldn’t believe that after taking him up and down the ramp several times at the end of the session, Nemo turned around and stood quietly, and you had to persuade him to unload!


I’m positive I’ve done the right thing in asking for your help. I feel Nemo trusts me and vice versa, and loading is now a much less stressful for us both. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else experiencing difficulties with their horse.


Many thanks again for your very kind, sensitive and sensible help.


Lucy & Nemo

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