I have known of Leanne for many years and one thing I have always admired is her natural ability to get the best

out of a horse in a really quiet & kind way. I have always liked to buy my horses as weanlings and then spend

those years before the ridden work, getting to know them, building a bond and slowly introducing them to the

grown up world.


My young horse - Hamish - is a sensitive soul and I have always felt that he needs a lot more time on the ground

building his confidence. He is a worrier and the type of horse that could go very wrong. I had a chat with Leanne

and she told me what she had been training towards and how she felt she could help Hamish and I.


It is very easy to put people in to boxes. "Oh she's one of those natural horsemanship people" but actually she isn't. She is one of those common sense, good horsemanship people. Just the type of person I need working with me on a complex character like Hamish.


I am so impressed with how quickly Hamish is growing in confidence and it comes down to Leanne and her amazing tool box of knowledge. I can't recommend Leanne enough.

Cathy and Hamish, April 2017

Dear Leanne,


Since your visit to us a month ago, Nemo’s loading has turned a corner. I cannot believe this is the same

horse that stood on the ramp of the lorry on Christmas Eve for SIX hours refusing to load to come home!!

You came to, not only Nemo’s rescue, but also mine, I was finding loading him very stressful and getting

emotional about the whole thing, worried that he would get hurt or that he’s never go in the lorry ever again.


I was fascinated by the way you worked with Nemo, seeing how quiet, calm and patient you were with him

at all times, there was no pushing or pulling, it was all by suggestion, guidance and gentle persuasion, all the

while building up his confidence and trust. After a little while, my problem loader, who had been flatly refusing

to even stand on the ramp, suddenly decided that loading was a good idea. I couldn’t believe that after taking him up and down the ramp several times at the end of the session, Nemo turned around and stood quietly, and you had to persuade him to unload!


I’m positive I’ve done the right thing in asking for your help. I feel Nemo trusts me and vice versa, and loading is now a much less stressful for us both. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone else experiencing difficulties with their horse.


Many thanks again for your very kind, sensitive and sensible help.


Lucy & Nemo, March 2015


Having recently discovered Intelligent Horsemanship and all that it stands for, I was delighted to discover that

there was an IH trainer within reach of where I live in the far South West of Cornwall who was able to come

and actually work with my horse and me. I thought I would have to travel, watch someone else and then try

and replicate the work with my own horse, never as satisfactory.

My horse is an ex-racehorse, with the gentlest of natures, but truly terrified of almost everything and although

I spent my childhood with horses and owned one through my teens, I am now much older and have 2 hip

replacements which makes me somewhat cautious for myself these days and I recognised I don't have the

knowledge or skill to help him with his fears and our relationship, after owning him for just over a year, was

beginning to deteriorate as his fear was undermining my confidence. I was convinced he wasn't being 'naughty' so why would I want to punish him for his behaviour; people told me, 'he's a thoroughbred, that's what they are like'. I wasn't convinced by this and thought maybe IH methods might help, but buying Kelly Marks' book and trying to put it into practice, book in one hand, horse in the other, didn't solve the problems and I had begun to think perhaps I ought to sell him to someone more experienced who could help him.  Enter Leanne.


I cannot find the words to thank her enough for the transformation she has brought to bear on both of us in a month. After the initial session, Mouse had discovered he did own big brave pants, albeit tackling tasks that Leanne had taken right back to the very, very simplest, but we all have to start somewhere, and start we have. Leanne demonstrated with Mouse so that I could learn the safest and most successful way to approach each task, and we have followed Leanne's practical lead and advice, and done our homework so that by the second session, a fortnight later, both Mouse and I were much more confident with each other and the 'scary' challenges she set us.


Another week has passed since that second session and so many small things have changed for the better, the way he accepts my lead, his manners when with me in the field, in the school and out for walks. He is learning that I will keep him safe so he doesn't need to be constantly on high alert in case something triggers his inbuilt flight response, so he is more relaxed and I'm sure, much happier. I am now convinced that we are building a  true partnership with me in control and him accepting this through his experience and the evidence I'm constantly giving him, that he's better off when he's with me! No fear, no violence, his choice to comply with my wishes, learning at his speed with encouragement and praise for his efforts. Brilliant.

I would not have believed that my relationship with him could have changed so manifestly and completely after only 2 sessions with Leanne. Her calm, quiet manner enables both owner and horse to learn so much in small steps that translate into huge strides. Her non critical communication and her interest and support between sessions means that you get so much more than just the time she spends with you in the school. I wish I had met Leanne years ago, but I thank my lucky stars I have met her now and that she has been there to rescue Mouse and me.


Damelza and Mouse, July 2017

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