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'Red Horse Products' REALLY work!!

We've all heard the saying 'No Hoof, No Horse' and this constant wet weather has affected Lulas hooves. She has been barefoot since October, and until January, she had coped well with being hacked out on the roads a few times a week. But constantly having wet hooves (thanks to the almost constant Cornish rain) made them soften; she was getting more grit stuck in the white line and she had a touch of thrush in her frogs.

sole with space for grit to get stuck
Artimud fills in the space in sole

I contacted Sam at 'Red Horse Products', and he suggested two products that would help. Firstly, he recommended 'Stronghorn' to disinfect the hooves and help harden the soles, and he also recommended 'Artimud' to fill in the gravel holes/crevices. I'm so pleased I took Sams' advice!

At the moment, I use the 'Stronghorn' each evening on her hooves, and I use the 'Artimud' as required to fill in the holes/crevices!

Red Horse have a selection of innovative equine health care products, including skin care, hoof care, horse supplements and rider products too!

If you are looking for products made from quality ingredients that really work (and they smell AMAZING too!!) have a look at Red Horse website.

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